Mark Sontag, M.D.
David Smolins, M.D.
Elaine Date, M.D.
Susan Kritzik, M.D.

Conditions we Remedy

Spine anatomy
Low back pain
Neck pain
Herniated disc
Spinal stenosis
Lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica)
Facet syndrome
Sacoiliac dysfunction
Sports injuries

Same day pain care access is our goal. Multidisciplinary medical treatment is our guiding principle. These values define the Remedy experience.

Same day pain care access is the fundamental service goal at Remedy. Our physicians and patient services staff understand that patient health and wellness begins today. Additionally, our medical team has been selected and organized in order to effectively practice all aspects of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Pain Management. At Remedy, we provide diagnosis, medication management, interventional care, patient education, as well as alternative therapies.

At Remedy, the professional staff is the best and brightest from their fields. Superbly educated, widely published and highly regarded, Remedy physicians possess the highest level of expertise in Physical Rehabilitation and Pain Management. Physician expertise equals patient health. Our single objective is to assist our patients to regain their health.

We believe that all insurance plans are treated equal. The Remedy roster of insurance plans and options is comprehensive. We accept Medicare, Workers Compensation and most PPO’s. Every patient, regardless of their insurance type, receives the same efficient, effective and friendly Remedy service and medical care.

Bay Area Sports Teams Remedy proudly serves as medical consultants for the San Jose Sharks, Oakland Raiders and San Jose Earthquakes

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